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MHCI Capstone Project, Carnegie Mellon University
Team Members
John DeGore
Katherine Habeck
Angela Mu Liu
Katie Sawaya
Ajayan Subramanian
Odigo is an itinerary planning app for Westerners visiting Japan. The app doesn't provide Western Tourists with much help once they are in the country, though. To expand their services and help Western Tourists through their entire journey Odigo participated as a client for the Masters of Human-Computer Interaction 2016 Capstone Project.
Our goal was to develop a new service to help Western Tourist during their visit in Japan. The service would help Odigo grows its share of the tourism market in the country. A full write up on this project is coming soon. In the meantime, you can look at the some of the artifacts created for the project. The Spring Book focused on the research for the project and what the areas of opportunity were. The Summer Book focused on the exploration of those opportunity areas, choosing one to develop a solution for, and the strategy for the solution. The App Map & Wireframes document provide a hierarchy map for the app and detailed wireframes.
Spring Book
Summer Book
App Map & Wireframes
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